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Buy AUD 5 Bills Online

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    The AUD 5 note is an Australian banknote with a face value of fifty Australian dollars (AUD 5). Since 1995 it has been a polymer banknote featuring portraits of Edith Cowan, first female member of an Australian parliament, and inventor and Australia’s first published Aboriginal Australian author, David Unaipon.

    Security features

    The paper design included a watermark of Captain James Cook in the white field.

    The same watermark was also used in the last issue of pound banknotes.

    A new feature of the decimal currency was metallic strip embedded within the paper of the note, first near the centre of the note, then from 1976 moved to the left side on the obverse of the note.

    The polymer issue of AUD 5 notes includes: a shadow image of the Australian coat of arms which is visible under other printing when the note is held up to light; a pointed star with four points on the obverse and three on the reverse that come together under light; a clear window that has a stylised gum flower showing; and raised print and micro printing of the denomination value.

    Some features of the banknote glow under UV light. These features include the serial number and a square patch on the reverse of the note.

    There is also raised printing around the portraits and major design elements of the note which can be felt by rubbing the finger or fingernail against them.


    On the 1995 design, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia is on the obverse, along with eucalyptus (gum) leaves. There is a number 5 in the right hand corner of both sides. The word “Australia” is written to the bottom left of the Queen. Parliament House appears on the reverse. On the 2001 commemorative design, Sir Henry Parkes appears on the obverse and Catherine Helen Spence on the reverse.

    On 12 April 2016, the Reserve Bank of Australia announced a new design for the AUD 5 banknote would be introduced into circulation on 1 September 2016, the fourth polymer $5 banknote issued since 1992.

    It is the first of a new series of banknotes that will feature a different species of Australian wattle and a native bird.

    The AUD 5 banknote has the prickly Moses wattle (Acacia verticillata subsp. ovoidea) and the Eastern Spinebill (Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris).

    It also features an image of the Federation Pavilion.[8] The reverse features Parliament House, showing the mosaic forecourt designed by Kumantje Jagamara, called Possum and Wallaby Dreaming, as well as a plan of Parliament House.

    The 2016 design was slightly updated in 2019, with new signatures for the Governor of the Reserve Bank and the Secretary to the Treasurer.

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